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Presidio is a boutique type real estate firm, locally owned and operated. What does this mean for you ? You will receive unbiased advice and guidance on all issues related to real estate. We specialize in investment properties and managing single family homes. The client portal section of our site provides owners and tenants access to their properties and information instantly. 


Property Management Services

Management Plus
This innovative program was designed to help owners by securing quality tenants quickly and easily. This is our standard property management program where we handle everything. 

Landlord Plus 
Rent your property quickly to quality tenants for a fraction of the cost and time it will take to do it yourself. This is our leasing only program. We handle all phases of leasing the property, but you will handle the day to day operations. 

Management Select: 
Our Management Select Program allows owners an opportunity to use the services they feel will be the most beneficial to them. Mix and match from our suite of services.